Weekly Language Learning Plan

Let’s start off this week with clear intentions! What do you want to achieve this week when it comes to your languages?

Here are some concrete (small) goals you might want to focus on this week in the language you’re learning:

  • Have a conversation (with another learner, teacher or native)
  • Participate in a group conversation
  • Focus on a specific grammar tense or rule and make sentences with that structure
  • Talk to yourself as much as possible in the foreign language
  • Analyze the lyrics of 2-3 songs and play them throughout the week
  • Write a short story (and get it corrected by a teacher or journaly)
  • Read a short story or finish a book
  • Listen to 1 podcast episode per day
  • Play a language app every single day
  • Label your room or appartment
  • Watch an episode or movie in the language you’re learning (you can use subtitles in that language too so you can hear and read it)
  • Other: your own concrete, small and creative goal!

Need more help on how to create a language learning plan? Book a coaching session in which we establish a sustainable and effective learning plan for you!

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