Learning languages with ease and confidence?

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Do you love the idea of speaking your target language…

  • but you’re not getting a lot of results?
  • but you feel overwhelmed?
  • but you need some structure in your learning?
  • but you feel insecure?
  • but you’re searching for a method that suits you?
  • but you don’t know where to start?

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The better you know how to learn, the more results you get and the more flow you experience.

I believe that anyone can learn the language(s) of their dreams. 

How? You just need to find the right method for you! A method that fits your learning preference and life style. Once you find out what works for you, learning languages becomes fun and almost effortless


Hi!  I’m Marjolein, polyglot language coach and speaker.

It’s my mission to help people get more optimistic and effective when it comes to learning languages. Learning languages is my passion and I love making others enthusiastic about it too! 

So far, I’ve learned to speak 7 languages apart from my mother tongue (Dutch): English, Spanish, Fremch, Portuguese, German, Catalan and Italian.

I’m from a small town in the Netherlands, and grew up in a monolingual family. Even though, I’ve lived in 5 countries so far, I’ve learned most of my languages when living in Peru. So, I don’t believe it’s necessary to live in the country to speak the language.

Learning languages is an adventure with ups and downs, and I’d love to help you getting to a level you’re happy with. Book a 1-1 coaching session with me to define a study plan or book a language class. ¡Hasta pronto!

Polyglot Insights Montpellier

What kind of sessions do I offer?

Language Classes:

✓ 100% Practical Conversations

✓ Personalized Grammar Explanations

✓ Personalized Pronunciation Tips

✓ Insights on Natural Speech

✓ Language Learning Tips

✓ A Motivating Teacher

*  Available in Dutch, English and Spanish





Coaching Sessions (for dedicated solo-learners):

✓ Clear Goal Setting

✓ Personalized Study Plan

✓ Resource Suggestions

✓ Techniques to Learn Effectively

✓ Insights on how to Start Speaking

✓ Psychological tips on Motivation

✓ Help on how to study Multiple Languages at the same time



What do my coachees and students say?

Marjolein is an excellent teacher and coach, especially for aspiring polyglots, since she is one herself. Her native Dutch as well as her acquired French, Spanish and German happen to be among my target languages.
from the U.S.
She is awesome, very supportive I’d give her 10 stars if that was possible
from the US
Absolute pleasure spending an hour with Marjolein. So very much gained in short time. Very skillful professional.
from the U.S.
After more than two months of no lessons, Marjolein got me speaking in Dutch again so quickly and easily. She really has a special gift for getting her students to speak with confidence.
from the U.S.
Marjolein is always helping me progress my Dutch to the next level. Every lesson flows so well as she incorporates a few rules or sentence structures that she reuses through the lesson. I find her teaching method incredibly helpful when understanding a new concept and feel that I've had an incredible amount of progress with her help. dankjewel, Marjolein!!
from the U.S.
She knows very well how to explain what is important in the early stages of learning Spanish, and what isn't.
It's also very important to feel relaxed when trying to learn, and Marjolein certainly contributes to this a lot!
from The Netherlands
Apart from being a good teacher, she is such a good motivator
from Spain
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