Learning & teaching languages with ease and confidence

Polyglot Insights - Marjolein Benschop

Learning & teaching languages with ease and confidence

Polyglot Insights - Marjolein Benschop


Work on what you need! All sessions are adapted to your goals.


Receive advice that is adapted to your needs.


Feel motivated and empowered by having a cheerful coach next to your side.


Start using effective methods to see results more quickly and feel in control of the language learning/teaching journey.

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Frequently asked questions

Coaching is a joint-project between the coach and the coachee, focused on achieving the goals of the coachee.

 In the language coaching sessions, we challenge your limiting beliefs, define your language goals and create a study method that works for you and your busy life so that you can see more results and feel more relaxed when learning languages.

 In the coaching sessions for teachers, we look at how to improve your teaching experience and how to see more results in the students through personalized curriculums and effective teaching methods.

A coaching session costs $29 for 60 minutes and  $17 for 30 minutes. 

That depends on how much guidance you want. Some coachees just want some help with a study plan or curriculum, while others want to be held accountable on a weekly basis.

Yes!  Many beginners give up learning a language after a few months or even weeks. I’d love to help you getting started with a language, staying motivated and seeing results quickly.

Absolutely! If you are feeling insecure and overwhelmed when teaching, I can help you by giving suggestions to add more structure to your lessons, manage students and use teaching methods that have shown to work with most students.

Once a month. If you’d like to be notified about the next workshop, sign up to my newsletter: here :).

What my coachees say

''Marjolein is an excellent teacher and coach, especially for aspiring polyglots, since she is one herself. Her native Dutch as well as her acquired French, Spanish and German happen to be among my target languages.''
From the U.S.
"After more than two months of no lessons, Marjolein got me speaking in Dutch again so quickly and easily. She really has a special gift for getting her students to speak with confidence.​"
From the U.S.
"She knows very well how to explain what is important in the early stages of learning Spanish, and what isn't. It's also very important to feel relaxed when trying to learn, and Marjolein certainly contributes to this a lot!​!​"
From the Netherlands
"Absolute pleasure spending an hour with Marjolein. So very much gained in short time. Very skillful professional."
From the U.S.
"Marjolein is always helping me progress my Dutch to the next level. Every lesson flows so well as she incorporates a few rules or sentence structures that she reuses through the lesson. I find her teaching method incredibly helpful when understanding a new concept and feel that I've had an incredible amount of progress with her help. dankjewel, Marjolein!!​"
From the U.S.
"Apart from being a good teacher, she is such a good motivator​​"
From Spain

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Polyglot Insights Marjolein Benschop