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Let's get fluent, shall we?

Language Classes

Learn to speak Dutch, Spanish or English through effective conversation classes with pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary tips!

Language Coaching

Receive the guidance and structure you need when learning a language by yourself.

The Language Community

Join people from all around the world in this multilingual community focused on speaking and having language fun!


Attend one of my talks about language learning to feel more confident when learning.

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What do clients say?

"Apart from being a good teacher, she is such a good motivator​​."
from Spain
"Absolute pleasure spending an hour with Marjolein. So very much gained in short time. Very skillful professional."
from the U.S.
"Thanks again! It was a very useful workshop. I'm full of ideas on how to improve my learning!."
from Ukraine
""I really loved it, Marjolein!! I had never participated in a workshop before, but I didn't think it could be so helpful and cool. I really liked its structure and content."
from Brazil
"She knows very well how to explain what is important in the early stages of learning Spanish, and what isn't. It's also very important to feel relaxed when trying to learn, and Marjolein certainly contributes to this a lot!​!​""
from The Netherlands
'''Marjolein is always helping me progress my Dutch to the next level. Every lesson flows so well as she incorporates a few rules or sentence structures that she reuses through the lesson. I find her teaching method incredibly helpful when understanding a new concept and feel that I've had an incredible amount of progress with her help. dankjewel, Marjolein''
from the U.S.

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