How to start speaking any language

It can be much easier than you might think!

First of all, let’s get this straight: What is speaking?

So often, we make speaking sound like such a terrifying, big thing. and we tell ourselves ”I’m not ready yet to speak”.

Kids on the other hand understand speaking is just about COMMUNICATION. We can communicate with our hands, face, or language.

We don’t have to start with complex sentences to start communicating. Hell, we don’t even need to start with sentences!

Let’s start with words!

When I just started learning Spanish, I would learn a lot of words and then start to use them in the right context. I didn’t quite know how to turn those words into a correct sentence, but it was something. My efforts were noticed. People I wasn’t able to communicate with before, I could now communicate with a bit more. Over time my speaking skills got better, and I started to create more complex and correct sentences so I could get my message across. Yet, waiting for that moment… I would not recommend. If we wait too long before we start speaking, we get demotivated. Why learn the language if you can’t see the results? If you can’t see how and when you’re going to use it? We start to see it as such a neverending learning process. Therefore, GET STARTED NOW!

Start using those words you have learned through a tutor, a language app or TV shows.

If you need more guidance, make sure to book a language coaching session with me or get the workshop ”start speaking any language”.

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