1-1 Language Coaching Sessions:

‘Let’s Build a Study Plan’ Session

In this session, we look at the problems you’re facing with learning your target language, and build an effective study plan that fits your personal and working life.

‘Start Speaking’ Session

In this session, we talk about what is holding you back from speaking in your target language, and do we look at what steps to take to start speaking ASAP! 

‘Retain Vocabulary’ Session

In this session, we look at the problems you’re facing with learning new words, and discuss how to learn and retain new words more effectively so you can start using them in conversations.

‘Pronounce Better’ Session

In this session, we look at the sounds you struggle with in your target language, and discuss practical ways and tools to improve your pronunciation.

‘Overcome Fear’ Session

In this session, we look at what is causing you fear when learning and/or speaking your target language, and come up with practical solutions to start transforming your fear into motivation and confidence.

Want a session?

Contact me on: polyglotinsights@gmail.com

Language Coach, Polyglot and Multilingual Teacher

Marjolein Benschop

Are you struggling with learning languages? I’d love to help! My passion is to learn languages and to learn about effective learning strategies.  I’ve spent years doing so, and I’d love to share these tips with you 🙂

What People Say

Marjolein is an excellent teacher, especially for aspiring polyglots, since she is one herself. Her native Dutch as well as her acquired French, Spanish and German happen to be among my target languages. She was able to speak in a manner that enabled me to comprehend easily, which was very encouraging to me. At the same time, she patiently allowed me plenty of time to express myself, while correcting the most important mistakes. I would definitely recommend her.
From The U.S.
She is very patient and friendly, great to talk to. She corrected my pronunciation and I learned quite a bit of grammar and vocab in a span of an hr. The format of the lesson notes is also effective for post-class reviewing. Thanks, see you soon!
From Singapore
I cannot express in words how wonderful Marjolein is as a teacher. I got little sleep last night and didn't prepare for the lesson. But still, she got me to speak Dutch, she taught me lots of new things, and she kept me trying. If I were her, I would have given up on me today. But she doesn't give up. She keeps you going. She's really amazingly good at her job.
From the U.S.

Our Method

Growth Mindset

Successful language learners believe in their ability to learn languages! Mistakes will be made and there will be obstacles to face, but we can learn to overcome them!


Goals & focus

Successful language learners know how to achieve their goals by focusing on the tools that enable them to achieve these goals effectively and efficiently.


suitable plan

Successful language learners know what works for them and what doesn’t! They are able to look at their available time, learning style and goals in order to make a study routine that works for them.